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Agriculture and Livestock

Agriculture producers will find useful information prepare and respond to drought conditions and connect with drought assistance programs.

Data to help plan for drought:

Information to help respond to drought:

Assistance programs to help recover from drought:

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Find useful, up-to-date information on how drought may impact outdoor recreation plans, such as boating, fishing and camping.

Helpful Resources:

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Residential and Landscaping

Homeowners and landscapers will find useful information to help them conserve water, such as tips on how to reduce indoor water use and how to water more efficiently outdoors, including how to design, install and maintain landscapes and gardens.

Comprehensive Resources:

  • WaterSense (EPA) – Find information on the best ways to use water, how to create a water budget for your home, where you can buy WaterSense products, plus many great conservation tips
  • Drought Management Database (NDMC) – Find a wide variety of information, resources, and strategies used to deal with drought, including topics ranging from physical and mental health to plants and wildlife

Conservation Tips for Nevadans:

Helpful Resources for Landscapes and Gardens in Nevada:

Knowledgeable Experts and Qualified Professionals:

Residential Rebate Opportunities:

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Tribal Nations

Duckwater Valley landscape

Find useful drought-related information and drought assistance programs specifically developed for Tribal Nations below.

Information to help plan for drought and respond to drought:

Drought Assistance programs available to help recover from drought:

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Water Management

Find information and links for the most recent state drought planning resources, water management plan, and drought planning guides to find out how Nevada and various communities plan, prepare, and respond to drought.

State of Nevada Water Agencies:

State of Nevada Drought Planning Resources:

Water Management Plans and Procedures:

Drought Preparedness and Planning Guides:

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Weather and Climate

Nevada’s climate is as varied as the landscape. Like many arid western states, Nevada relies on snowpack for a large portion of its water supply, including users in Southern Nevada who receive most of their water from the Colorado River. The timing of snowmelt (and consequently of peak flows in streams) is critically important for sustaining habitat and providing adequate water for wildlife, and rural, suburban, and urban residents.

Helpful Resources:

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As land and vegetation becomes drier as drought conditions persist, the danger that wildfire poses to homes and inhabitants becomes greater. Below you’ll find links to helpful wildfire tools and maps, including wildfire potential outlooks and tips on how to keep your home fire-safe.

Current Nevada Fire Information:

Fire Outlooks:

Helpful Resources:

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