Living with Drought

Connecting the citizens of Nevada with essential drought resources to evaluate current conditions and facilitate drought impact reporting.

What is drought?

The word “drought” can be difficult to define because its definition varies depending on the context in which it is used. Simply put, drought can be defined as insufficient water to meet needs.

valley of fire

Current Drought Conditions in Nevada

This map is updated every Thursday. The data used to create the map can be found at the US Drought Monitor, along with more maps and visualization tools.

Nevada Drought Monitor Map

Help us understand drought. Report your conditions.

On the ground reports from you are an important resource for understanding the varying effects of drought across the Silver State. Are you interested in helping scientists understand drought?

There are many impacts of drought.

Drought is influenced by several factors, including below-normal snow or rainfall, geography, temperature, soil moisture, water demand, and water management. As a result, drought can impact our communities and our environment in wide-ranging ways.